Jerry Nash

Jerry Nash

National Chess Education Consultant
888-400-7182, Ext. 3

As National Chess Education Consultant for the Alabama Chess in Schools initiative, Jerry Nash believes in the power of chess to enable student success – both in and out of the classroom. In his own background as a teacher, campus minister, and office administrator, chess provided the critical thinking skills he needed to succeed. Having seen the effect of poor decision-making among university students for almost 20 years, he saw the need for students to develop critical thinking skills long before they graduated from high school. When he started coaching chess with 4th and 5th graders in southwest Louisiana, Jerry saw the immediate improvement in critical thinking skills among those students.

When teachers introduce chess to students, they create the opportunity for students to develop the skills they need to be successful. When teachers learn how to teach chess, they can achieve their calling to make a difference in their community and beyond. As a former high school and university teacher, and the husband of an elementary school teacher, Mr. Nash finds great fulfillment in helping teachers to find a new way accomplish the dream that led them to the classroom in the first place.

Mr. Nash is a leader in the international Chess in Education movement. In 2019 he was appointed Editor in Chief for the journal Chess: Education and Science. This is the official journal of the Chess Scientific Research Institute (CSRI) at the Armenian State Pedagogical University. He was also appointed to the FIDE – EDU (World Chess Federation Education Commission) Workgroup: High Quality Standards for Chess Education.

2015 National Chess Educator of the Year Award Speech [approx. 30 minutes]