CIS can help your school(s) become part of the new wave of Chess in Education through programs that are teacher-driven with a focus on education.
Here are the services that CIS offers:

“The training is high-quality and aligned with the ALSDE goals and educational standards… Both the initial training and the follow-up support are outstanding!”

Andy Meadows

Education Specialist

AL State Dept. of Education

State & Local Education Agencies – Directly or thru Local CIE Providers

We specialize in large teacher-driven Chess in Education programs spanning multiple schools and even multiple school systems.We train teachers and administrators with the goal of achieving an independent and self-sustaining chess-in-education program within three years.

Our services are customizable but typically include:

  • Program management assistance
  • Team training for district and school CIE administrators
  • Teacher training
  • Chess equipment
  • Chess training software licenses
  • Online CIE Resource Library of lesson plans and other tools
  • Optionally we will train and support local chess training service providers to support and sustain your CIE program.

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For Schools

Services for schools include:

  • Professional development for teachers and chess coaches
  • Lesson Plans developed by teachers for classroom topics (incorporating chess)
  • Chess equipment for participating schools
  • Chess Training software licenses
  • On site and online support

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For Individuals / Teachers
  • Professional Development Courses for teachers and chess coaches

Our professional development is highly interactive and fun – even for those who have no prior knowledge of chess. Focusing on chess as an educational tool, teachers not only learn how to play the game, they practice the meta-cognitive processes of recognizing patterns, developing perspective, and generating and assessing solutions. Included are links to chess lessons that  encourage collaborative learning and increase social/emotional development. Teachers leave this experience with a measure of confidence that they can return to the classroom and use chess to improve academic and life skills.

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Consulting, Speaking Engagements
  • Presentations for Educational Conferences, and Community Groups
  • Chess in Education consulting



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