CIS can help your school(s) become part of the new wave of Chess in Education through programs that are teacher-driven with a focus on education.
Here is what CIS offers.

For State & Local Education Agencies:

  • Program management and development of a teacher-driven, multi-school Chess in Schools program with the goal of achieving a sustainable, agency-managed program within two to three years.
  • For agencies with the resources to develop and manage such a program, CIS provides training, consulting, chess equipment, and/or other support services.

For Schools:

  • Professional Development for teachers and chess coaches
  • Chess equipment for participating schools
  • On site and online support
  • Lesson Plans developed in partnership with Alabama State Dept. of Education
  • Lesson Plans written by Alabama teachers for Alabama classrooms

For Individuals:

  • Professional Development Courses for teachers and chess coaches

Our professional development is highly interactive and fun – even for those who have no prior knowledge of chess. Focusing on chess as an educational tool, teachers not only learn how to play the game, they practice the metacognitive process in recognizing patterns, developing perspective, and generating and assessing solutions. Included are links to chess lessons that  encourage collaborative learning and increase social/emotional development. Teachers leave this experience with a measure of confidence that they can return to the classroom and use chess to improve academic and life skills.


  • Presentations for Schools, Conferences, and Community Groups
  • Legacy support services for participants of the Alabama Chess in Schools Pilot Initiative (2014-2019)
  • General consulting for overseas Chess in Education entities


“The training is high-quality and aligned with the ALSDE goals and educational standards… Both the initial training and the follow-up support are outstanding!”

Andy Meadows

Education Specialist

AL State Dept. of Education